prim and proper

our grandma has always trained us to dress up for church and on sundays. i remember her standing by the door in our house in the province, waiting to see what we’re wearing. it has to be appropriate — like, it has to have sleeves and the length of the skirt has to be knee-length. it’s not that she was strict about clothes in general — i mean, our mom used to have mini-mod dresses in the 60’s and 70’s and that got my dad hooked..LOL. but sundays were always an exception. so even when we got back to the city, i remember me and my sisters taking our time preparing for church because we always had to look appropriate and presentable. sundays, as a kid, was always a dress-up day. and my favorite was my peach chiffon dress with a matching brim hat. 
this was taken last sunday after church and on the way to get a massage at one of our favorite spas here — nuat thai at mabolo. not only is their services good, they have really good interiors too and very affordable — a body massage is at P150 – P250 ($3.00 – $5.00). please don’t mind my disheveled look. it is indeed obvious that i need to relax and unwind. i can assure you i was deeply relaxed after the 45 minute foot massage and 1 hour swedish body massage…felt so good!
grey dress – miu miu (thrifted!)
zebra print bow flats – parisian
black oversized bag – my mom’s
long watch necklace – hk gift shop

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  1. the dress is absolutele perfect! i adore the photoshooting as well. besides, my gran also used to pay attention to what i was wearing to the church when i was a kid, but not too short skirt were my problme. when i was about 5 or 6 years old i really wanted to be a boy, consequently i wore trousers which were covered with stains. i was a dirty child!


  2. aww gizelle! you look adorable in this thrifted miu miu dress (what a great find!!) 🙂
    and a spa sounds amazing! i've never been to one haha


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