be thankful for the sunrise

how big of a mark have i left with people? if and when i leave this world, how much am i going to be missed? melancholy questions from a melancholy weekend. my friend of 13 years lost her papa last week from cancer. and right when i stepped into the room of his wake, i was deeply touched by how many flowers and visitors there were. he was a good man who lived his life serving people. he never asked God to console him in his weakest days but instead continued to ask God to console those around him. he will surely be missed. but he will live on in the hearts of those who love him.


 i say, let’s start with gratitude. be thankful that we still have a chance. be thankful that we can go on and touch people’s lives. be thankful that we can put smiles on people’s faces. be thankful for the sunrise as it is a beginning of another opportunity.
photo credits: sunrise by mactan bridge | morning sun at cordova fish market
black eyelet dress – thrifted
grey plaid vest – thrifted
blue tights – leg love by kate torralba
black studded flats – mongkok ladies market, hk
grey leather bag – mongkok ladies market, hk
watch necklace – hk gift shop
rings: white and blue – props
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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36 thoughts on “be thankful for the sunrise

  1. I really LOVE how the tights look with the mainly neutral/dark outfit! Also, I think it's adorable how you paired a girly eyelet shirt with a vest.



  2. =) wearing a kebaya as a kid~~u have been such a cutie! i'm not sure if i'll look as good >.^

    sorry abt ur fren's loss. i'm sure God will continue to keep watch over her, and her dad'll definitely be missed everyday.

    love the last picture. the sunrise is breathtaking~ every day is indeed sumting to be thankful for; esp when life's so so unpredictable.


  3. Looking good!!!♥ you have amazing style you really do!!
    I love that you take risks that’s something special for me for example
    Your amazing neon blue tights how cool do you look! You totally pull them off!
    Love the glasses California is to cloudy and moody and rainy to wear mine that’s just sad!!
    But you darling look great! Love this post I always love what you have to share really I do.
    Love your Friend Dye♥


  4. love your studded flats
    gorgeous look
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your sweet comments, it means the world to me!



  5. beautiful tribute. so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. it is wonderful that even in your time of sorrow you're thinking about others and gratitude.

    you look lovely and i hope your week gets brighter and happier.



  6. Sorry to hear about your friend's father. It's interesting to hear your thoughts on the situation – so positive and uplifting. Gorgeous photos, too. Hope you're okay. x


  7. thanks for the reminder that we all need to be grateful for what we have 🙂

    you look super cute in the vest and dress!


  8. Hi there! I love those blue tights and the detail on the black dress, so perfect! I also love you post about being thankful, so lovely and in tuned with the big picture that is life 🙂 I follow you!


  9. this is such a lovely post. it's nice to be reminded every now and then to be thankful just for being able to wake up every morning and see the sunrise.
    on another note, you look so lovely in this outfit. those tights are so bold and i'm really loving the vest with that dress. gorgeous pictures, btw. 🙂


  10. i bought the same brand of tights too.. Kate Torralba d i nah? hehehe now I know.. I just thought its plain Lady President.. ehhe i wish i can be as bold as you with wearing colors.. hmm ma try nga.. ^^


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