comfort from the smell of bound paper

i love reading books. i think i’ve talked about this in my past posts. it’s way better than watching tv. reading allows my brain to work and envelopes me into this world far from my own. it gives me a chance to live a life i have yet to live or will not get a chance to. as a kid, i collected paperbacks of the usual — sweet dreams, love stories, sweet valley high..etc. and in college, i lived off the books that my big sister has. it’s only recently (with the adjustment of my salary) that i have begun collecting books of my own.  i love books with a twist. something of the unfamiliar. something with sarcasm or wit. but ironically, i hate books that includes horror or ones involving haunting ghosts.  they give me too many nightmares! 
here are the ones i own: 
the wicked series: wicked, son of a witch and lion among men by gregory maguire
kafka on the shore by haruki murakami
time traveller’s wife and her fearful symmetry by audrey niffeneger
the lovely bones by alice sebold
the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky
me talk pretty one day by david sedaris
the little prince by antoine de saint-exupery
and embarrassingly — the twiligh series by stephenie meyer
and if books are not expensive (here in the PI they cost always above P300 which can already buy a person a decent meal), i would be glad to buy them every 2 weeks and just immerse myself in them — couped in my bed, surviving only with dark chocolate and water. but then, real life beckons and most things are easier said than done. 
black top – thrifted from our manager’s garage sale | skinny jeans – chillypapa
headband with felt flower – props | beige patent pumps – shooz
rings: animal print and amber – props | grey leather bag – mongkok ladies market, hk
now, there’s something that have been put off for a while. i got an award from betz of her armoire and now i’m passing this to these ten amazing bloggers:

diana dye of color dye mode 
sonya of so real 
lexy of quirky explosion 
tuesdai noelle of a reflection by tuesdai 
rebecca of the clothes horse 
issa of we wear things 
jess of wild tortoise 
louise of the f word online 
diya of in her stilletos 
tieka of selective potential

     wishing everyone a great weekend! (sunday for the PI readers)

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    1. Thank you for the Blog Award!! I have the book “Lovely Bones,” I'm going to have to locate it soon–didnt even know I had it, until someone see the preview on t.v, and goes '….owww, we have that book” ..ok, where is it?… I'ont know..OK? go figure :::smiles::, . As I kid I collect photos and made collages out of them, that's just one of my many wonders.

      I'm LOVINNNNN' that hair clip is pretty. Reminds me of my days, when I use to wear a french roll and place hair pins (like that) to decorate my hair 🙂 Now, I just wear it down…..cute outfit as always 🙂 hope your weekend is going nice and smooth. Not to long along I stayed inside from the cold today, to watch “Grease” but I would have rather saw “Sleepless in Seattle” BUT “Grease” is just as good…..I love anything written by Nora Ephon 🙂


    2. oh and the rings are cute too 🙂


    3. mila says:

      Those are great blog choices! Congratulations on your award-you deserve it:)

      follow? Please?:)


    4. I LOVE these pictures. They're so summery. Naturally, I'm a little bit jealous. I'm also envious of your hair clip – it's STUNNING. I'm totally going through a wacky hairclip/ hair band phase so, um, I might steal it some time.

      I wish I read more, but I alwaysh ave such a hard time getting into books. Maybe I'll have to check out some on your list 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by! And for the award!


    5. katrina says:

      thanks for sharing your list of reads. i'm constantly on the prowl for good books. congrats on your blog award, sweetie.


    6. Sonya says:

      Thanks so much for the award!!! & don't be embarrassed by Twilight, I LOVE it, the books and the movies. I am in college and I have all the books/movie in my apartment hahaha.


    7. Ohhhh thank you so much for the award!! It means the world! And these photos are seriously soo pretty!Your top is gorgeous.. everything is just gorgeous!


    8. fadetoblack says:

      congrats on the award! and the photos are so cute 🙂


    9. haha, I too like the smell of books….I thought it was cool in sex in the city carrie said she likes the smell of books from the library. It is funny how they have a distictive scent.




    10. Kinsey says:

      Beautiful rings and hair accessory!
      I read the Little prince, in french though, it was a very odd book but cute nevertheless! I saw the play as well! I really want to finish reading the perks of being a wallflower. I need to update my reading list. Thank you for reminding me! 🙂
      very cool blog as well!


    11. Leah says:

      I love to read as well. The Little Prince is my all-time favorite.

      I love your headband. It is so cute. xoxo


    12. awesome post! its great to see other bloggers with a passion for reading. 'the perks of being a wallflower' is one of my absolute favorite novels. charlie is such a likable character. did you hear about jd. salinger passing away this week? 'catcher in the rye' is another one of my absolute favorites.

      in regards to your outfit – you are just too cute with your floral accessory. very classic and chic!



    13. DaMnViXeN says:

      of all the books ive read, the twilight series tops my never to read ever again list.. lols

      ur lipstick inspires my to try lighter hues.. hmm its hard to lay off my reds haha..

      The ViXeN's LaiR


    14. Jen says:

      I love to read too, and you've listed some of my favourite books there! I love the peacefulness that comes with immersing yourself in a great book.


    15. blackecstasy says:

      wow love ur tops and rings! fabulous !
      i love ur blog btw =p~
      i've followed u <3
      keep inspiring :))
yudia aiiu


    16. Vita says:

      as always pics are great and colors are awesome! like your o-fit 🙂


    17. i love the perks of being a wallflower ❤ congrats on the award!


    18. deanne says:

      love the top and headband 😉 you look great with the lipstick too 🙂


    19. Aimee says:

      love the rings! im following!


    20. Toni says:

      Oh G, will def go to the mall tom and drop by ur sister's shop! i adore that amber ring jud!

      just perfect! i am in need of a good read. just finished reading Dear John. am getting tired of reading luvey-dovey books! haha!
      might try The perks of being a wallflower.. is it any good? 🙂


    21. Christina says:

      I love everything you're wearing! It's so romantic and pretty and mysterious. That flower especially is such a girly touch!


    22. Sabine says:

      The hair clip is really intriguing. Totally agree with you on reading books.


    23. Vinda Sonata says:

      congratulations for the award, gizelle. you look cute as always. i really like the top, and those cocktail rings are love too!

      i love reading books too. just, non fiction books 🙂 anyway, thanks for the recommendations. i may try to read some of them one day!


    24. the crybaby says:

      hi gizelle! i'm not much of a book lover. used to be when i was younger, but as time flies, books just werent top on the list for me. but i did c the time traveller's wife movie! did u catch tat? was the bk much much beta??

      P.S. i LOVE your amber ring! did it cost much?


    25. Jen says:

      your pictures just keep on getting most amazing with each new post! i love the lace top on you paired with that little, cream flower in your hair. you're way too adorable.
      and i've wanted to read the rest of the wicked series for a while now! maybe i will if i can find time. and the lovely bones is one of my ultimate favorites!!! 😀


    26. beautiful pictures. what camera do you use? i love the headband, so cute. And the rings are fo fabulous.


    27. stylestalker says:

      the collar detail/lace is great
      you look very lovely,


    28. Pia says:

      love “the little prince”!!

      i really like your flower too :0


    29. DIANA DYE says:

      Awwww Thank you Thank you Darling!! Thank you soooo!! Much I love your blog♥ you have such a fresh take on fashion you really do! And I love reading your posts want to know why? because they are not extremely long (how lazy of me!) and if they are you write in such a familiar way it’s so easy to read and such fun I love your blog!! Thank you again for your award I work on it I promise!


    30. superumi says:

      I love what you did to your hair!!! u look beautiful 🙂


    31. dotie says:

      ditto..horror fiction books gives me the creeps!
      I want your rings btw 🙂

      eclectic du jour


    32. This flower is so cute.
      Oh, and I add you to my blogroll too 🙂


    33. Jess says:

      aww thanks for the award dear 🙂 I love that headband it looks so lovely on you!


    34. Zanah says:

      Pretty accessories 🙂 Mon Mode Blog


    35. Ra says:

      i'm obsessed with your flower & your rings! love love love.


    36. i loveeee that hairband ! oversized everything is amazing. and thanks so much for the award girl : ) you are so sweet ! congrats on getting one yourself – very well deserved

      xx lue


    37. Tayler says:

      your very pretty 🙂 i like the bow <3


    38. I love reading too! The first thing I do when I start a new book is open it up and smell the paper, weird habit but books really smell so good! I have a big pile that I bought waiting to be read but I can only do one at a time and slowly add more and more to my list hahah.


    39. cameraholic says:

      I love this!!! this is just fab!! <3



    40. Kookie B. says:

      lovely photos. love the hairclip and dress!

      holler at me @


    41. Love how you look here with your hair up! 🙂


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