my other love

oh no, i’m not cheating on harry. meet “cooper” our beloved golden retriever. this is actually my big sister’s dog but he has grown to be the love of the family. i met cooper when he was 4 months old.  he’s very playful and friendly (as all retrievers are). but because of his size, we hardly walk him outside, afraid that he’d drag us to the road. it’s sad because he’s all cooped up in the small space at the back of our apartment. he can maybe take a few turns or we can run and play a bit but the back is all concrete. it’s really difficult for us when we find a new place because we would always have to consider him and where we’d put him. (you see, my family moves every 4 years — we don’t do it on purpose but we just feel like it. but then, that’s another story.)

i have always imagined cooper running free in a green lawn…jumping at birds or maybe chickens. not on an all concrete space. in our old house 3 years ago, whenever he’d get the chance to escape out of our gate, he’d run after the chickens and we’d have to clamor to catch him. my mom found him one time holding a small chick between his paws, rushed to him, afraid he might have killed the chick only to find out that he was only playing with it and the chick was all wet with his saliva.

cooper is like our youngest baby brother. i found him really sick once and had to carry him to the vet. my sister took off from work and so did my mom and dad to be with him at the vet. cooper ate a poisonous frog and we were lucky to have found him earlier. i know though that bigger dogs have lesser human years to live compared to smaller ones. cooper was diagnosed with a heart worm last year and was predicted to have only a year to live. he’s old now but still somehow active. i love cooper as he was my silent best friend back when i got all depressed after graduating college.

i love this dog because he understands without saying anything.
do you have a pet that you love so dearly?

striped polo – thrifted
denim shorts – props
sneakers – chuck taylor’s
pink suede belt – random
pink sunnies – thrifted at manalili
gun-metal wire cuffs – props

dog-tag necklace – custom-made

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