i don’t have the typical features of a Cebuana which is mostly a mix of Spanish and native blood — a mestiza as what we call it. i have chinky eyes, that of a chinese though am not fair but have almost caramel skin. i have curly hair and have never had it straightened. i don’t have the typical body type too — while my big sister is model tall at 5’7″ and my little sister is petite and can fit into anything, i have an athletic body with round legs and wide shoulders. and although i played with dolls as a kid, i’ve been into sports growing up (swimming and flag football) and am never afraid to get my hands dirty or my fingernails chipped.  i dress up according to my mood and i have never been an avid follower of style rules — i don’t mix and match to the tee. although i prefer hanging out with the boys due to their uncomplicated outlook and am always mistaken for being one of them due to my sarcasm and humor, i hang out with them in my daintiest dress and red lips. 
this is me. it’s my time…
and yours too. join benetton’s 
they’re looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising, something real. It’s not just how you look but how you are
(and no they did not pay me to post this…LOL. i just believe it’s a great contest!)
linen zipper up top – thrifted
brown leggings – ???
brown peep-toe platforms – matthews at CMG
tan fringe bag – lil’ sister’s
bangles: brown – props | gold ones – from india
rings: animal print – props | white & wooden – from chai
long watch necklace – hk gift shop
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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