unplanned trips make the best adventures

one of the challenges of ensuring a good photo shoot session is finding a good location. i have been finding myself craning my neck during road trips or even short trips to visit a place to look for a good spot to do a photo shoot. i usually sleep during trips as i find being in a vehicle lulling. however, Cebu City is really small and with soon-to-be married couples now investing more on a great engagement sessions, it has become difficult not to have the same location as the other. depending on the skill of the photographer, some common locations can still become different. nevertheless, finding new ones is still part of the highs of a stylist’s job. 
last February, in an effort to find new scenery and to cheer up our beach-loving pregnant friend, Mildred — who is incidentally the wife of Marlon Capuyan, one of the highly talented photographers that Cuckoo Cloud Concepts have frequently collaborated with, we went on an unplanned southern road trip. just a simple text, “let’s go to the beach” (cue Nikki Minaj) and an “okay, I’ll tell Harry. see you 8:00 AM tomorrow,” we were off! certainly, unplanned trips make the best adventures. no expectations, just enjoying things as they come. 
do keep your eyes open for the editorial that we have been working on for the top wedding blog in the country. *palpitations* our hearts and souls have certainly been poured into this endeavor. 

polka dot maillot – cotton on | high-waisted cut-offs – thrifted | knit cover-up – thrifted | black turban – bangkok find | tan fringed bag – urban originals | oversized sunnies – urban outfitters, gifted by sister | bangles – downtown finds | elephant tusk necklace – bangkok find | multi-colored braided belt – borrowed from sister

p.s. my flip-flops is one of those, “omigad, i can’t believe i bought this. it looked good with one outfit  but i can’t wear it again.” and i wore these because the trip was very much unplanned and we literally had ourselves running out the door early in the morning. 

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  1. dinda belle says:

    It's a lovely viwe and lovely fringe sling bag.. Sometimes unplanned trip is having something more tremendous


  2. Farah says:

    Those sunglasses are super RAD!! Like the saying goes, some of the best moments are unplanned 😀

    Farah ♥


  3. Toni says:

    Gizelle! kuyog mi ni Vania next time! HAHAHA! love your maillot and cardigan! 🙂


  4. roanjean says:

    Very Celia Rodriguez the turban! That's a compliment ha 😀 so chic!


  5. I Am Alexa says:

    Hi, Gizelle! These pictures look amazing! 🙂 I also love your sunnies! 🙂



  6. michelle_ says:

    just seeing that blue sky as the backdrop of your photos made me smile !
    i love your turban very much !



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