the resuscitation of a social life

i haven’t been blogging because i’ve been so busy following my dreams that it’s crazy how time flies in a day. but honestly, i’ve also been cheating on blogger and having been seeing pinterest on the side. yes, i have finally jumped the wagon. i did have a pinterest account but never used it, afraid i’d get sucked into it and did not want to maintain another social media account while i balanced my full-time job, personal life and the blogosphere. man, was i wrong. pinterest is freakin’ awesome. okay, i have to stop now — i’m blushing. LOL. 

anyway, i met up with Eden and Chyrel over milk tea at Chatime for various reasons which will be divulged later, i promise. it’s really been awhile since i’ve actually gone out of the house and met friends. my sisters actually congratulated me for having a social life again — yes, it was that dead while i was slaving away in my past life. incidentally, Mac then invited us to raid her closet and we were happy to oblige. Isabeau was there as well and it became a quick blogger meet-up of sorts. Mac’s kid, by the way, was such a cutie and couldn’t be any happier with the attention.

on to the required outfits shots. when we agreed to meet, we agreed to dress casually and if it was 2 years ago, when “casual” was brought up i would have dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and ballet flats but i’ve learned my lesson. with these girls, casual is this:

overused chambray top – thrifted | green floral pencil skirt – primal rave (also available in orange, in size small) | blue tasseled belt – props | my “uniform” tasseled smoking slippers – rubi shoes | fringed leather bag – urban originals | multi-colored bangles and bracelets – braids and bonds | coral cuff – props | necklace – downtown find | bird ring – gifted by mom | black sunnies – downtown find

and ooh, remember when i told you guys about my sister Charm also blogging and that we’re working on a project together? well, here it is. Everyday Sundaes — a blog i share with not just Charm but also my little sister, Aimee. bookmark this blog on your browsers for 3 scoops of fashion.

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  1. AVA T.♥ says:

    I love the “cheating with pinterest on the side” hehe 🙂 When I started Instagram naman that's what I felt. :)) I can't wait to see you, cebu girls again!!:) and I love love your outfit! pretty skirt!


  2. titaz says:

    hahahaha i have pinterest too and love it 🙂
    what is your id on pinterest?

    btw, love your style. fresh and stylish!

    Hello from Indonesia,


  3. cherry arceo says:

    still thinking if i'll jump in the wagon. 🙂 hey, i'm planning to go to Cebu. would love to meet you guys..


  4. love your jewellery!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new xmas giveaway to win lots of presents from lush and more! click here 🙂


  5. SunnyToast says:

    I love how you stock your accessories! goodluck to your projects!


  6. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Let's meet again!! Wala kaayo ta naka storya! Haha! =)


  7. MEB says:

    I love reading your blog miss gizelle! 🙂 Followed you in twitter too, great style! 😀


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