shopping by the ocean

silk blazer – thrifted | floral skirt – thrifted | white tank top – thrifted | strappy wedges – people are people, gifted by Harry | neon green belt – props | collar necklace – downtown find | gold bangle – stolen from sis | turquoise connector ring and boho armor ring – downtown finds | pink satchel – props
sharing with you guys the awesome and laid-back shopping experience that was during Zalora‘s press launch in Cebu. when i got the invite for its press launch, i pictured a presentation with the usual question and answer segment and i’d be out of there in just an hour. to my delight, i got there to an intimate and chill environment, greeted by Zalora’s marketing manager and immediately given  a brief that we are each given shopping coupons to use and actually get to know the Zalora shopping experience.
long tables were lined with Zalora laptops — all ready for us to scour the shopping site. fellow Cebu Fashion Bloggers — Eden, Vanessa, Alex, Jeemah, Rabsin, Marco and Kristine were already there, making the event more fun. (mind you i missed my appointment with the designer for wedding gown and was super late for the photo shoot my sister and i planned for Props.)
thank you Zalora PH for inviting us! i now live in Zalora‘s website and go through it everyday. my hands are itching to get your new heels from centropelle. *self-control faltering*

my apologies for the hiatus ~ after the trip to Manille for the much-anticipated Bloggers United 3 event, i got back drowned with backlogs at work and my stupid back started acting up again. boo! i had to wear the very un-fashionable neck brace while typing away at my work computer. tried to cover it with a leopard print scarf and someone actually asked if what i’m wearing is really a neck brace or a fashion statement. LOL. oh and a photo of me in a neck brace is something you guys won’t see soon. *peace*

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  1. gizelle, just read this entry. been out in the blogging universe myself. i hope you're all better and i feel bad i missed both sales for props. wish there's a third time. get well soon.


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