life is what you choose it to be

chambray top – thrifted | peach midi skirt – primal rave wholesale | leopard print belt – primal rave wholesale | oval-shaped bag – primal rave wholesale | sphere tribal necklace – downtown find | feather necklace – downtown find | gold ballet flats – parisian, sm dept store | bangles – gifted and downtown finds | rings – downtown finds

it’s the middle of summer and if you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you will know that summer is usually the time that my emotions and confusion come surfacing. i don’t know why — maybe it has to do with not being able to do as much because of work while everyone else is hopping on different islands and discovering beautiful beaches or having coffee and dessert with friends more than twice a week.
it’s silly of me to be jealous huh? well, i am because if money and schedule were not an issue, i would be out taking classes in art or fashion or be in different beaches every weekend but instead, i’m at work or at home because we need to save money for the wedding.

it took me a whole afternoon of staring in space and beating myself down, however, to realize that ~ life is what i chose it to be. it’s moments like these that makes me foolish not to appreciate what i have in life and i end slapping my forehead to the sound of DUH. i’m at home and at work because i have chosen to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress towards the love of my life. i’m not taking art and fashion classes yet because i have chosen to celebrate my marriage to Harry with God, our family and friends. this will be our 2012 and i can’t wait til’ December. 

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  1. oh my, kaisa pa gani ko katilaw ug dagat karong summer. oh well, life is what i choose to be. life lately has been about school. haha.


  2. i really love wearing chambray tops with skirts and you really pulled this off so well. can't wait to hang out with you, gizelle!

    and life is really what we choose to be. =)


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