stealing granny’s style

pleated garter-waist dress – thrifted | crocheted cardigan – thrifted | studded white belt – primal rave wholesale | zebra-printed bow tie flats – sm department store | chunky necklace – downtown find | rings: turquoise – bangkok find & winged pinky ring – downtown find | bowler hat – sm department store | studded bucket bag – sm department store

i have always had this affinity for granny clothes especially those that come with a gartered waist and electric pleats. i always get overly excited when i see electric pleats and the science behind creating those stunning folds never ceases to amaze me. so when i saw this dress at PHP 50.00 ($1.20), i was immensely elated and couldn’t believe what a steal it was. the dress is pleated, polka dotted and has scalloped sleeves — just my cup of tea.Β 
wearing granny clothes can easily lean both ways, looking juvenile like a 13-year old girl or looking well, like a grandma. so i had my dad cut 2 inches off the hem to make the dress more modern. the only regret? he cut it too short because i measured it too short — i was bending when i made the cutting mark! LOL. so to style a granny dress more youthfully, i layered on a chunky necklace and studded belt, added gazillions of bangles and a pair of chunky rings to create that extra jingle, topped the outfit with a bowler hat and let my hair down. voila! juvenile and granny no more. what do you guys think? would you wear granny clothes?

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  1. bet ko din ang granny clothes/style! i have a lot of polkadots, knits, and crochets in my not too large closet. medyo consciously inuupdate ko na nga eh para may variety naman, haha! =P


  2. you look cute in that outfit,G!the color of your lipstick caught my attention. love the color.unsa na na color,G? you're like a model in the magazine in the 1st and 2nd photos. nice! πŸ˜€


  3. i have a thing for granny style too but i agree with you… i always wonder whenever i do granny style, whether ill look childish or an old lady. the challenge is always finding a balance… you look great altho i cant see your dress short actually… prolly cos ur sitting down. but still u look great!


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