Between The High Eighties and The Low Nineties FM

“And her voice is pure and soft,
Oh, when she stumbles on her words.
And every boy in town is pretty certain he deserves to marry her.
Someday soon.

And that’s not all; that Elouise,
she just got a Jazz Master guitar.
And her band got a blurb in the Stranger and they’ve just been submitted for a tour.

And her tone is deep as night,
when she plays her minor chords.
And the rhythm section’s tight,
but they’re always ignored.
Always ignored.”
— Say Hi, “Elouise”

Photos taken last weekend on our second family beach trip to Tabuelan, Cebu. Milking summer for sunny skies and clearer waters. 

printed cotton dress – Bangkok find
knitted shawl – thrifted
wide-brimmed floppy hat –

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  1. Jing says:

    I love the dress,G! and the hammock effect,you look pretty.i like the first photo 😀


  2. Alex says:

    Beautiful! You're so lucky to suit big floppy hats.


  3. Angeli G. says:

    angayan jud ka ug floppy hats.. suya ko.. how I wish I look good with hats :[


  4. Angel says:

    i have the same hat!!! but its black… u always know how to put up colorful clothes… 😦 i cant pull it off, but u certainly can young miss!!!

    big love


  5. Becky Regina says:

    Beautiful photos! And I love your dress 🙂


  6. Lisa says:

    Great photos. This makes me wish I was still on vacation!

    A Fictional Blog


  7. Gillian Uang says:

    looks like someone took a vaca! 🙂



  8. Jen HaHA says:

    I totally Googled this because the Stranger is a Seattle mag. I hadn't heard this song before. I guess this band has roots in Seattle. Anyway . . .

    What a gorgeous backdrop and subject! That sounds so impersonal. I should day model 😀 Can I be a part of your family and join your vacation next time?

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


  9. Stevia says:

    I love your printed dress!
    Well at leaat you've been to The beach this year
    i havent been there for almosr 2 years now

    goodluck wih you therapy i hope you get well soon!



  10. lyka raagas says:

    laaaab ur knitted shawl.. can't find it in my fave yaku shop. hehe


  11. I love your floppy hat! So sad that summer's about done..I miss the beach!


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