polka red for Japan

although news gets old the following day, the tragedy that has struck Japan will forever remain in our minds. the images of a community being washed away by that strong force of a Tsunami was devastating and heart-breaking. Japan still continues to get strong after shocks from the earthquake, up until last week. so i am wearing red to honor Japan. if you have a Chictopia account, you can upload your own photo wearing red and/or donate a minimum amount of $10 to Red Cross  here. this week, postpone your craving for that most coveted blouse or your need for a daily dose of a venti from Starbucks. give a little as a small sacrifice goes a long way.

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  1. Your polka dot top is AWESOME. I love it so much! It looks so cute tucked into your jeans and perfectly paired with your wedges! They're crazy cool!


  2. You look beautiful – good on you for donating money!! I can't believe they are still having quakes there 😦 😦 😦 the poor people 😦 😦 😦 My heart goes out to them. My dad returns next week!!! Wah!!!! He's having the best time there!!


  3. it's sad that as time passes people put these horrible things out of their mind (haiti for example) but i hope that both Japan and Haiti (and now even North Carolina) will all get better in time.

    I love your wedges. I've been looking for those for quite some time now. Where did you get yours?

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  4. love everything about this outfit! those wedges are amazing & i love all your jewelry! this is something i would wear.


  5. AH YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE>>A>DALSKJDALD. I love polka dots. You just CANT go wrong with them. They're like, so, BAM. Instantly cute.

    And I love your rings. Seriously incredibly. And that picture is amazing.

    I think it's so beautiful that you're wearing red for Japan xx. can't believe it's almost been a month, already.



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