sayin’ goodbye to dumaguete + getting ready for another trip

it took me a while to fall asleep the night before we left. i just wanted to stay there in our suite forever. Harry’s been convincing me to move there with him. yeah, i didn’t mention this but Dumaguete is Harry’s hometown. he’s illustrated a simple life for me and suggested i open up a clothes shop near their biggest university, Silliman. i’ve considered it and pondered on the thought all night but i love the city so much, i just can’t leave Cebu. so i took one last look at the moon over the ocean, nestled myself in the sheets and hoped i could sleep longer so i can stay longer in Dumaguete.
meanwhile, as you’re reading this post, i would at the time be already in Bangkok. my mom, sister and i have decided to put up a wholesale business selling clothes, shoes, maybe bags and of course, accessories. this will be one of the many trips we’ll make to Bangkok this year. and no, this is not the big project i was talking about. you have to watch out for that too. 
so if you plan to do a shopping trip to Bangkok, here’s the best way to pack:
♥ bring the essentials like shampoo, soap, lotion, etc and place it in a foldable travel kit — mine is the grey patent one)
♥ pack only 3 pcs of clothing and make sure to prepare for the very humid weather there — i packed a graphic tee, a pair of shorts and a printed cotton dress
♥ bring a pair of slippers and a pair of comfy sneaks
♥ most importantly, leave A LOT of space for new buys
black and white star-printed dress – thrifted
navy blue cardigan – thrifted
black oversized bag – parisian, sm dept store
white flip-flops – havaianas
printed fedora hat – sm dept store, men’s dept
floral sunnies – carbon find
owl necklace – carbon find
armor ring and skull ring – carbon finds

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  1. Sweet says:

    horray!!! to the BKK trip…I hope I can still catch up with you at Chinatown…fingers crossed my dear!!!

    i love the sunnies and those rings…

    can't to meet you again babe!!!



  2. Jen HaHA says:

    My mom is here and I just asked her where Dumaguete is. I was pronouncing it DU-ma-GET and du-MA-get. She wasn't sure what I was saying. Then she said, “No, Du-ma-GET-ay.” Haha. That's what she gets for not teaching me Tagalog!

    I like your polka dot dress! Great hat, too! What beautiful backdrops for a beautiful gal!

    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


  3. sakto jud ka, geng. dapat gamay ra dalhon. hahahaha kay ig uli, SOWS kapoya. i love your floral sunnies! summer na kaayo. have fun in BKK, gizelle. AND thank you for voting sa kadto kang sweet ^^


  4. Hazel☺ says:

    goodluck with the wholesale venture 🙂 i love your dress btw <3



  5. Len David says:

    I always overpack my clothes when I leave out of town/country!! I am so excited about your endeavors!!! ❤


  6. Jassica Rich says:

    i love the sunnies and those rings…thanks For this beautiful collections.plz check out my blogs.

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  7. aiz kim says:

    thanks for the advice Gizelle…i would definitely try Bangkok someday soon. Can't wait for your big project.


  8. I Am Alexa says:

    Have a safe and fun trip! 🙂


  9. Issa says:

    I had great time reading your posts about my beloved city! You have great photos! Goodthing you enjoyed Dumaguete so much!

    I and my sister are also planning to to buy more stuffs in Bkk for our shop. Our online shop was a huge success and we're going back this May.

    Hope you can post lotsa pics on your trip.


  10. cryskay says:

    love your sunglasses. and gorgeous photos by the water. im so jealous. its raining where i am. xo

    check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle!


  11. Veronica says:

    Your blog is really cool!
    I love the sunglasses!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do!
    Thank you so much!


  12. Jing says:

    G!why are all your dresses very beautiful???ako na bi!haha!I wanna go to Dumaguete too


  13. Trinnah says:

    Love the outfit, and it's great to hear/read about my hometown! 🙂


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