laziness and the overcast sky

life at the call center was not only difficult due to the nocturnal and ever-changing schedules but a lot of holidays and night outs with friends have also been missed. for five years, it was either christmas or new year and not both. last year,  i didn’t even get to spend christmas or new year with my family as i had to work. so this year, i was extra relieved to have had the chance to not only spend both the holidays with my family but get more than a week off from work.

imagine what more than a week off from work can do to an ex-nocturnal person like me. it sure made me lazy! and what’s worst, the skies have been overcast for several days now that it’s even more difficult to
get up from bed. so the past 2 weeks or so, all i’ve been doing is watch old romantic movies, play plants vs zombies, read books, eat and just lie in bed. getting to work has surely been a struggle for the past 3 days exercise and diet is not in my vocabulary and i’ll surely be sorry in a couple months when i can’t fit into all my clothes anymore…haha!

photos taken a pacific cebu resort and are courtesy of armand alforque
white top with lace detail – pratunam, bangkok
floral skirt – thrifted
yellow flip-flops – roxy
bowler hat – parisian, sm dept store
heart necklace – pratunam, bangkok
wooden bangles – chatuchak, bangkok

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  1. FAB PHOTOS G!!! I love the overcast effect and the sea and sky together. Napaka nostalgic effect 🙂

    Oh well, I haven't totally said good bye to inarte like outfit posts 🙂 but still blogging about food! :3

    Side kwento lang: we are putting up a branch in Cebu so… I think I'll see more of you this year! 🙂


  2. Kalami sa life ay! :)) It has started getting sunshiny today. Ugh, I expected our weather to be overcast/rainy up to February (because PAGASA said so)!


  3. looking gorgeous Gizelle…I am so missing the beach of Cebu…it is so hard to go to the beach here…you need to travel to another island which is a complete BOO!!!

    can't wait to meet you soon…



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