too old to party?

so there i was, all made up and ready to rock my new studded wedge booties at 10PM. aimee and i were planning to drop by the opening of vudu or party at our usual hangout, the penthouse; psyched up and ready to go make the most of aimee’s last weekend here in Cebu. that is until we sat around in our room for 2 hours waiting for our friend to come over, watched an episode of Vampire Diaries and surfed ourselves to boredom that i became really sleepy, left knee wobbling a bit and a decided to stay home. yes, i stayed home! i can’t believe that i used to party all night and stay up until 6am and i’ve now come to a point that i am too sleepy to go out…LOL.

of course, i can’t waste my outfit and had to take photos of it. *wink*
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ps. THREE more awesome giveaway coming up! i’m totally feeling the holidays!

leopard chiffon dress – platinum mall, bangkok
black leggings – random find
grey puffed cardigan – thrifted
layered coin necklace – platinum mall, bangkok
bangles – carbon finds
rings: geometric – platinum mall, bangkok | skull – carbon find
studded wedge booties -ebay find

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  1. Oh you're still a baby. I feel SO old when I go out in town sometimes – it's full of 16 year olds and they're so irritating!

    Hope the shoes get an outing soon!


  2. I think I saw you in Redem kanina. I was too shy to say hi cause I was using the giveaway I won a few months back heeee! so here I am now saying HI! 🙂


  3. Haha, it happens! I've totally stayed in on party nights recently and it feels good! I actually don't wake up hungover and I have money in my wallet still. You look cute in your outfit, I am glad you took photos of it, even if you stayed in 😉


  4. happened to me too! we didn't stay home though. my friends and I ended up in a coffee shop and talked till wee hours in our party clothes. 😛


  5. ah i've been in that position way too many times! at least you got to dress up & take pics, i always enjoy getting ready to go out more than actually going OUT lol
    i love those shoes!


  6. hahaha that sucks about wasting a day of partying with friends! but well at least you got a picture of your outfit! it's so fab! <3

    come visit my blog too =)

    <3hazel (


  7. Kabog na kabog, teh! Hehe! I am nervous meeting you this week! I am nervous meeting you this week! You will blind me with you bling-blings and die seeing those killer shoes you've got! :3

    Partying and drinking until early morning is something I used to do, but now that I'm older, god, I never want to leave my room during weekends!


  8. Yes, I'm now tucking in my shirts! Masunurin akong bata, Gizelle! 😀

    Ako naman I get lazy or bored around the same time I ready up for a gimmick/event, which happens almost always!


  9. same here Gizelle…I can no longer tolerate alcohol in my system I am now happy with cocktail drinks but hard drinks is a big no no hahahhaa!!! I think being deprive by alcohol for a long time…and the aheemmm…our age…made us too old for everything…

    but we are never too old to dress up…love the studded wedge kisses



  10. Haha I know what you mean. Same thing happened to me back then. It's a sign you are not getting any younger anymore, hehe. But hey, watching movies at home plus eating good food is so my kind of thing right now. 🙂

    You won't believe me, the last time I went out for a real fun night life was I think a year ago! Funny right!

    Love your shoes by the way! 🙂


  11. Haha this is funny.
    There will come a time when even the thought of going out will make your head spin. Haha. That's not a threat 🙂


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