should we even celebrate farewell?

i promised i wouldn’t cry until we get to the airport so i didn’t. probably th last get together with friends before my little sister parts with the city she was born in. these are just some behind the scene snapshots of another amazing photoshoot with armand alforque. this photoshoot and paying half of the hotel room is what he called his christmas gift to us.

ps. i might not be around to blog much these days. last week, my big sister’s wedding and work has taken over my life. the next couple of weeks, i’ll be busy preparing for my little sister’s departure. a lot to deal with, i know. after all, there’s just 3 of us and after two weeks, there will be only me left at home. so please bear with me and i do hope you still continue to look forward to my post.

floral maxi dress – thrifted
orange scarf as turban – gifted from sister
photoshoot details: 
make-up and styling by armand and me
photography by armand alforque

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  1. julianne. says:

    you look gorgeous my dear! wowza.
    i love your headband too.<3


  2. Marta says:

    all of you look so divine!


  3. Roan says:

    The 1st two photos made me miss my sisters!


  4. aww.. i cant wait to see the pictures for this photo shoot. you look so good! and your sister as well.

    your close with your sisters noh? I envy that. anyway, no matter where life takes her i have the feeling that yours is the kind of relationship that


  5. Lisa says:

    Ah! Love your dress. And your eyeliner is fabulous!


  6. Gusto ko mag-mura. Like pakingshet mura! Haha! Ang ganda ng floral maxi dress! I bow down to how great you thrift shop! whoooo! All hail the queen! Also, I am so conscious wearing dresses without straps for the fear of it clinging on to nothing aka I don't have big breasts so it might actually slide down! grabe kailan ko ng maarteng kapatid na babae para turuan ako kung paano mag-shop ng magandang strapless bra! hahaha!!

    On a serious note, so sad that your beloved sisters are leaving 😦 I know how it feels. And maybe you'd feel kind of anti-social for the next few weeks. That's how I am when I am sad. I'm not in the mood for anything. BUT, please see me on the Cebu on the 15-18th! I don't know when on those days, but at least you know when I'm coming! 🙂

    (dami kong comment ang haba sorry) On a fun note (again!), love all of the outfit of your friends! I remember Erykah Badu in your outfit, with the turban and all 🙂

    Cheer up, G! I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the make-up! Weeeerk!


  7. Hazel says:

    Awww! yeah that's hard for you being left behind.. but i'm sure you'll all get together soon again 😉 Cheer up 🙂

    hazel (


  8. Beth says:

    Love the headpieces.

    It's good to take a break from blogging when things get busy! We'll all be here when you get back.


  9. Abbie♥ says:

    i love all your outfits! specially your head pieces. 🙂 awww, 2 sisters leaving… you'll be able to handle that, don't worry. 🙂 happy holidays!


  10. lovely dress and turban. great outfit for farewell party.


  11. ive been wondering ngano wala ka update, gwaps. mao diay. hugs hugs.


  12. projectvee says:

    you look beautiful 🙂


  13. E says:

    I love both of your headscarves! I want to try that sometime…


  14. dred says:

    awww i love hotel parties with friends. too bad it's a farewell party. 😦 nevertheless, you guys look fabulous. love all the turbans! thanks for teaching me how to tie a turban btw gizelle! 🙂

    lovely photos once again! XX


  15. ching says:

    awwww. stay strong gizelle. i hope things will turn well for you.

    ps. i've been blogging since 2007 but only started fashion blogging this year.haha sure2, i would love to get together with you guys. 🙂


  16. Sootjeelina says:

    I love the pictures! And your turbans really rock

    xoxo Sootjeelina ❤


  17. Sweet says:

    stay strong love…I wish I have the same bond with my sister compared to your bond…I mean even though we are just half-sisters but knowing I have a sister to share my secrets and talk about clothes and beauty is just so fun…you are very lucky!!! to the have the coolest siblings love…

    always remember that everything is temporary okay?

    Cheer up..



  18. Jeje says:

    I hate farewells.. it makes me sad 😐

    Love your maxi dress Gizelle! 🙂

    I'm having awesome Christmas Giveaway! Details will be posted this weekend! Spread the word! 🙂


  19. nice pictures and it looks like you girls had a great time. Hope the wedding goes well!


  20. Leah says:

    You are all so beautiful… loving all the turbans. xoxo


  21. michelle_ says:

    i hate farewells !! i hope all of your activities go along well.. i see that you have alot to be done in your agenda ! sometimes we may only have small things, but those small things take a whole lot of time (and i guess blogging is one of those things too..)

    cheers !

    have a great fridayyyy ! 🙂
    glisters and blisters


  22. Lee says:

    I love the photos, especially the first one with your little sister. I'm not good with farewells, iyakin ako sobra eh but dont be sad Gizelle! I hope your bigger sister's wedding goes well! <3

    Thank you for your comment on my previous entry. Sa VXI ako dati nagwo-work. Btw, I gave you an award! Please check it out here! ♥

    Lee of []


  23. Reg says:

    goodbyes are never easy but what keeps us going is the idea that the world is just opening up to those who left and those left behind. stay strong! 🙂 btw, gorgeous turban!!! i so envy people who can make one!



  24. cherie says:

    you all look so chic in your turbans!


  25. i like your dress..


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