oops, i thought this was a dress!

growing up in a catholic school, strict rules about dressing up and grooming were enforced. we were always to wear sandos or undershirts underneath our white cotton uniform (which became more excruciating when we reached high school because our blouses became long sleeved). we were not supposed to wear any manicure, pluck our eyebrows nor dye our hair. to be more conservative, we were to wear undershorts beneath our skirts. well, on regular days unless we had to wear our white skirts, most girls in our school wore undershorts that is, except me. our uniforms were warm enough what with the long sleeved blouse and the below-the-knee thick skirt that wearing shorts was excruciating for me. so now, i’ve carried on the non-undershort wearing habit unless absolutely necessary like wearing this dress.

actually, this dress, as it turns out required more than undershorts but really a pair of denim ones. when i was dressing up this morning, the dress felt like a dress until i was moving about the whole day and was rummaging at lower bag racks in the department store, did i realize that this dress is actually a blouse. LOL.

cotton printed dress – thrifted
multi-colored gladiator sandals – khaosan road, bangkok
stacks of brass bangles – carbon finds
necklaces: fairy – props | diamond-shaped oriental pattern – gifted from ivy
rings – carbon finds
aviator sunnies – mongkok, hongkong

and oh, before i forget, i’d like to ask for a little favor from you guys. PensandLens is holding a ‘Fashion Stylist’ photo contest in her Facebook page and the winner gets to win a complete Forever21 ensemble. it may not be a big deal to some outside the Philippines, but i am such a sucker for Forever21. so the little favor you can do for me is to like the photo i entered by clicking on that image on the above. here are two simple steps:

        1. ‘Like’ the PensandLens Facebook page.
        2. ‘Like’ my photo entry.
your votes would certainly make my day if i am announced the winner on november 21, 2010. 
thanks a lot for your support! ♥ ♥ 

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  1. itahl says:

    hi gizelle.. thanks for the comment.. 🙂 i love your rings and your sandal.. so cute…


  2. E says:

    That top is so pretty! And I love your rings!!


  3. Jen says:

    haha even though it's a blouse it still makes for a nice dress! i guess if someone was ridiculously tall it'd have to be a blouse. 😛 and i love that elephant ring!


  4. projectvee says:

    haha its okay, if it works as a dress, who cares if it was meant to be a blouse 🙂 its the short girl bonus!


  5. Marta says:

    your jewellery is so cool!


  6. Ann says:

    I heart the sandals much Gizelle!!!


  7. Nez says:

    dress mana Paix!
    ako nana imong aviator beh.


  8. Sweet says:

    whatever it is Gizelle it looks pretty on you…love it!!!

    love the shades too



  9. Justine says:

    Such a cute dress!

    Thanks for the blog support! : )

    Just Better Together


  10. Lisa says:

    So funny. I don't miss those uniforms at all!

    Love the rings–you always have cool jewelry!


  11. i like the pattern of your dress,,stunning sandals and elephant ring


  12. DaMnViXeN says:

    ur winning the Forever21 battle! eheh i officially concede! ILY!

    as always ur rings caught my envious eye!

    The ViXeN's LaiR


  13. Roan says:

    Oh Gizelle, thanks so much for the advice! I'm really not a “tuck-in person” but I'll definitely heed your advice. I still have to find what looks good on me, though. I suck at styling you know; I just throw on whatever I want! 😀


  14. Cute! I love your rings ❤


  15. Kara says:

    I am loving those rings and your sandals lady! And definitely digging the new header!! Awesome! 🙂



  16. nice flats, love them ^_^


  17. JulianTanoto says:

    LOVEE them all!
    great combinations and I love the prints on your dress a looot:)



  18. Lydia says:

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