a pet in pink ribbons

after being MIA for a few days, of course you should expect a photo-heavy post. i need to catch up. first up, let me introduce you to my blog pet in pink ribbons. he’s not harmful, just a bit temperamental, especially when it rains or if his feet gets wet after running in the rain and accidentally dipping it in a puddle..haha!

so yeah, this is how i rocked the cropped top. i’m not daring enough to show the tummy though so a black tank top is necessary. i love the day this photo we taken. it was raining really hard but then it stopped and the sun came out around 4PM. armand and i haven’t taken a break since that morning so when the bosses left for personal errands, we scrammed and had fun outside. thus, the pet in pink ribbons. we had this idea of him becoming my pet when i whined about him frequently being in my posts and that he should start his own blog. that’s when he told me, “i can be your blog pet then.” we grabbed some ribbons from leftovers from the last invite we made and voila! instant chic leash.

cropped top with black tank top – props
skinny jeans – chillypapa
grey flats with zebra-print bow – parisian, sm dept store
zebra-print fedora – sm dept store
dog tag necklace – custom-made
gun-metal wire cuffs – props

on another note, although i am super delayed in posting this but 2 weekends ago, philip and i attended the annual fashion show of my old alma mater. it’s a show that fine arts students from my old school put up every year as their project. while i was in school, i’ve followed the shows to make up the art school envy. i should have been part of it. if only i listened to my heart. and yes, had enough wisdom to know that it doesn’t matter if the course i’m taking is highly-employable or not, what matters is that i’m passionate about it. oh well, what happened, happened. everything happens for a reason.

anyway, these are just some of the looks i had the chance to photograph. philip and i mustered the courage to ask these models to pose for us despite not knowing us. haha! the designs are done by 19 year olds, can you believe it?

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  1. I am very impressed with the looks gizelle…the make-up the styles…wow!!!! Cebuanos are indeed talented….

    I love the blog pet concept hahaha…There is only one person who can be my blog pet…nyahahhah!!!! he is my photographer as well…woopzzz!!!!!

    I love the cropped top…


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  2. OMG! ARMAND! hahaha now I want one too! ❀ hahahhaha Good thing Armand just let's you post these pics online Gizelle! HAHA


  3. OMG! ARMAND! hahaha now I want one too! ❀ hahahhaha Good thing Armand just let's you post these pics online Gizelle! HAHA


  4. I love the dog tags! And you look great in the crop top! I can't wear a crop top without a tank either haha

    And those are some cool looks!


  5. hahahahahaa ka cute ninyo duha oi! mao jud ay. sayanga, daghan kaayo mi gihimo ni alexa pag weekend gud but it was nice to have finally met you ^^ see you soon, gizelle! mwah!


  6. haha you both are so funny! love your reactions. hahaha

    too bad i wasn't able to come to your pre-loved to give love garage sale. the shoot lasted until 9pm on both days. huhu hope there will still be next time. πŸ™‚

    love the sun flare on the photos. and i have yet to try the cropped top. you rocked it good. πŸ™‚



  7. this is too funny, cute poses! im also eyeing those cropped tops, they look so fun to layer and yours look absolutely chic. πŸ™‚


  8. Next step: manufacture dolls of your blog pet. πŸ™‚

    Are you from USC-TC? FA? What batch? Why do I have so many questions? Haha


  9. i love how you wore this cropped top with the black tank underneath. i wouldn't have the guts to bare my belly either, haha. and loving the pink ribbon leash for your “blog pet”. those pictures are adorable πŸ˜€


  10. impressive much giselle !! like u .. id layer the cropped top with a tank too ! wouldnt dare to show off my midriff.. lol.. esp that indo is a muslim dominated country.. i guess that would be inappropriate as well !


  11. hahahahha. OH MY GOSH. THat is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen. I'm so tempted to take pictures with the next human being I see on a leash. That'll probably be mom. Ooh, weird..

    And the fashion show pictutres are awesome. How exciting!



  12. you have the cutest blog pet, gizelle! :)) and i am loving your cropped top!

    btw the way, i am with Qualfon now. its my last 2nd and last week of training na. oh and i cant wait for our shoot on the 7th! :))

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