fashionably outdone!

so yeah, if you’ve noticed, this is not a post about my outfit but of my sisters’ and cousins’. i have been fashionably outdone. especially my little sister, aimee (on the 2nd photo) who stole my camera to take photos downstairs at the basement parking lot. this was taken almost a month ago on a random friday night with my sisters and cousins at the penthouse. this was also the night i kept stealing  sips from vodka shots that are supposedly for my cousins, handed by aimee, and ended up so drunk, i fell on my hands while crossing the street at i.t. park. i also had to walk barefoot all the way from pent to a food place a block away because my shoes were killing me. saving enough dignity as i used to work in that building where the food place was located, i managed to put my shoes back on before crossing the street only to fall on my hands, causing my nails to get super dirty with mud.  i haven’t gone drinking since then.  i can still imagine the confused state i was in and the hell of that hangover. i want to go on a hunt for that drink that causes zero to less hangovers but then i would have to go on a lot of trial-and-error. and i’m not sure my being 26 can handle it anymore. oh well. 
on me:
embellished LBD – maldita
black handbag – nine west
faux suede black peep-toe booties – celine (gifted from harry!)
stacks of gun-metal silver bangles – carbon finds

on aimee:
floral dress – thrifted
black wedge pumps – leaveland
black handbag – gifted from her friend
chained necklace – pratunam, bangkok
bangles – chatuchak, bangkok

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  1. Sweet says:

    I can imagine the feeling of being drunk…it's the most awful feeling ever Gizelle…

    But in a long run you would definitely love to try it again…

    love the dress of your sister and your bracelets are just adorable…

    loving the black dress to my dear!!!

    I miss girls night outs…oh wow!!!



  2. alyssa says:

    Hehe we've all had those nights! I recalled my first time getting wasted like this as I read your story. Oh those days!! Haha

    You all are looking fantastic!!


  3. Marta says:

    all of you look so adorable! (i am especially in love with your friend's floral dress!)


  4. You all look sooo gorgeous! <33


  5. Kara says:

    haha, oh god, that sounds like one of those terrible drunk times! definitely have been there too (shame) so dont worry!

    and you are so lucky to be surrounded by such stylish ladies! 😉



  6. Gela says:

    i don't think i've ever been totally drunk. i like the feeling of being tipsy tho! just the right amount of buzzed makes me giddy, haha.

    boat ride through the sky


  7. E says:

    You are all so stylish!


  8. ching says:

    everyone is looking great! 😀 and that's your sister? HELLO!


  9. the black dress you wear have great detiles in the neck.. and i'm just fall in love with it..


  10. dred says:

    you are one fashionable family! love the detail on your collar. and love the print on your sister's dress.

    i haven't had a drink in years! will plan a night out soon with my friends. 🙂


  11. J. says:

    I love all the dresses, so cute!


  12. Melai says:

    Gwapa (tama???) kayong lahat!
    Hahaha! Okay lang yan, minsan lang naman sila sa blog mo 🙂 Haha drink but avoid being drunk mah dear. 🙂 Mwuah!

    Melai of Style and Soul


  13. Natasha says:

    I love these photos, you all look brilliant. xxx


  14. Nice partypics 🙂
    And I like all the outfits.


  15. minnja says:

    Looooove it:))))))



  16. ShopGirlXOXO says:

    lovlies. 🙂
    all have fabulous style. 🙂


  17. so stylish esp for the bracelets


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