bangkok tales episode five: buddha maxi overload

due to the pressure of Thailand buddha temples’ dress codes, we had to overly prepare for this just to make sure we get to see all the temples planned for the day. the dress code says to not wear shorts or fitted jeans (it’s too humid to wear jeans anyway), no short skirts or mini-skirts, no sleeveless tops and no slip-ons for shoes. well, if we have to wear such conservative clothes then we might as well have to dress it up right? and dress up we did. this has got to be my most fave outfit during the trip — mainly because i did get to wear layers, accessories and a studded belt. 
we had a super funny and green tour guide for the day. everyone called her ms. bangkok and we thought it was a joke until she introduced herself to be ms. bangkok 20 years ago. my favorite line from her right at the start of the trip? “if you have questions, you can ask me anything just not my body…” LOL.
i wanted to tell you about all the temples we visited but then i’ll just let the photos do the talking. 
on me: floral maxi dress – gifted from mom | beige tank top – sister’s closet | grey cardigan – thrifted | taupe gladiator flats – parisian, sm dept store | black bag – nine west | heart necklace – borrowed from kitoy
on aimee: black and white striped maxi dress – props | blue cardigan – pratunam find | white fedora – pratunam find | black faux leather bag – sm dept store | black sandals – night market find
final and huge shopping post tomorrow! check back for two items for sale and a giveaway!

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  1. Amazing architecture and very exquisite detail! I wish I can go someday.

    I say the same for your outfit! Plus, I always think that long and flowy dresses go well with travel 🙂


  2. Your fam looks amazing! 😀 You guys look great and so styled up. You look lovely in a maxi dress. 🙂 And goodness thanks for the heads up on the dress code,will remember such.

    I love the stuff you got from Bangkok. Makes me want to visit even more! 😀


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