intruder alert

Hello, readers of this blog. My name is Kathi Eric.

Gizelle is indisposed, so I’ll be your substitute blogger for today. Please don’t throw tomatoes or soda cans at me. Cans are metallic and I don’t have a hockey helmet on. More importantly, I went college-kid grunge today, and orange tomato paste on my clothes would just make me look like I have poor hygiene and not grungy on purpose.

So anyway. Today I’m gonna show you how to make your own DIY popcorn. You’re going to need these:

  • a bag of unpopped popcorn seeds 
  • a microwave

 Now here’s what you do:

  1. Place the bag of popcorn seeds in the microwave.
  2. Set the timer to two minutes and five seconds.
  3. Wait for the ping indicating the two minutes, five seconds are up. 
  4. Take out the bag, and VOILÀ! Your very own DIY popcorn!

And that’s my time, everybody. Hope y’all found that useful.

My heartfelt thanks to Gizelle Faye for allowing me this opportunity to share what I know to her readers. And for giving me so many writing topics to choose from, like outfit, photography, fashion . . . DIY . . .

Wait a minute. Did she say “fashion or DIY”? Or just “fashion DIY”? Oops.

(If you want to thank me for teaching you how to make your own popcorn and for changing your life, do visit me and shower me with praises. If you want to throw tomatoes at me, I’m not home.)

red slouchy beanie: F21
gray tank top: thrifted
stonewashed jeans: thrifted
red skinny belt: Charlotte Russe
brown-and-white striped cardigan: thrifted
moccasins: thrifted

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  1. love this ensemble! the hat and cardigan are adorable together. And so much is thrifted! Even better.

    Thanks for the popcorn advice too! 😀


  2. Great post!!!

    I am excited to meet Gizelle here…hope we can get together this weekend…if she is not busy…

    and oh you are doing a good job love

    take care

    Oh I have a surprise for Gizelle in my blog… 😀


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