what do i know about fashion?

kristine of instylecebu.com and glamarazzi.com invited me and a few of the cebu fashion bloggers and fashionistas to be contributing writers to Instyle Cebu —- to write about Cebu fashion, lifestyle, shopping or anything related to it. i am still undecided about taking on this great opportunity and challenge because after all, what do i really know about fashion? there’s so much to know about it and so much to take in. i don’t have a full grasp on upcoming trends or even upcoming designers and only do when i see a few picks of other fashion bloggers from recent collections. i am neither avant-garde nor have enough guts to rock daring and out of this world accessories. and i have never in my life purchased a designer piece and haven’t purchased a single piece of clothing (except shoes) from the mall in the last 5 years.Β 
what i do know about fashion though is how it is supposed to be a medium of self-expression. i am able to assemble and put on good outfits that are a mix of classic and quirky styles without breaking the bank. for a whole outfit, the most expensive i’ve donned cost me only P3000 ($65) and the only item of clothing i own that went beyond P1000 ($20) are shoes. so if i were to take on this writing gig, what can i write about anyway?

ps. i am happy to announce that since my current work allows me to be creative and flexible with my time, i am now able to take more outfit shots and easily manage my schedule in accordance to the normal life patterns of non-vampires. this means that i might be able to do posts more often, if not daily!

floral top – mom’s closet (thrifted)
black leggings – random
black platforms – forever 21
stacks of bangles – carbon and bangkok finds
rings – all from props

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  1. are you kidding? TAKE THE JOB! haha

    and you are so rocking your mom's floral top. i don't see a lot who can do that. double thumbs up.


  2. Take it! Take it! It sounds like a great opportunity and I'm sure it will be great. Take it as a learning experience πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Gizelle,

    I was reluctant at first in accepting the offer since I am not always posting the fabulous outfit post in my blog. At the same time I just communicate and research about fashion stuff every time I get to do a review about it.

    Even as a contributor for Delance Fashion as a Beauty Reporter for Asia it is something new to me, since I am not the perfect source about beauty.

    But maybe my upcoming Fashion Design course will help me out about this, but this is not only Cebu's Fashion.

    We are also talking about Cebu's lifestyle, street style in Cebu which is I think you are the best person to talk about it.

    I know we may not be able to buy the top designer bags or loving fashion brands but with your style and your sense of expression about your outfits is just the first step for you to take this job.

    You are even lucky to be in Cebu while I am trying to make a post about the latest thing in Cebu while I am surrounded by Thai people in Bangkok, but this is a challenge and I do not only believe but KNOW that you CAN do it!!!!

    accept it Gizelle.

    Kisses to you
    much love


  4. I say go for it if it means following your heart! don`t regret what you didn`t dare πŸ˜‰ fingers crossed for you, and you look great! love the mix, and the shoes especially.

    xxx Anika


  5. am sure this job has chosen you. It's your calling…laughs! Better brave the uncertainty, lest you get another entry in your “what ifs” list! Go and rock 'em house…winks!


  6. take it hun! things like that don't come to us! you can totally learn on the way and you can do research before hand. i'm sure you will be able to handle it.

    you can write about what you want, within their stipulations, which i'm probably sure they will have, maybe, but you have a certain angle when you say you haven't bought anything in a mall for 5 years. you have this down! haha take it!


  7. i've been away for far too long, as well. thanks for visiting my blog today, Gizelle. it's great to hear your voice once again.

    for what it's worth, i think you'd make a stellar addition to Instyle Cebu!


  8. incredible shoes and bangles!!

    the opportunity sounds amazing – i'm sure your eye for style can be put into words that will inspire others to see things from your perspective πŸ™‚

    <33 [v] hobovogue


  9. I know nothing about it either, if taken from a consumerist/fashion as business point of view. Haha

    But I think you are incredibly stylish and readers of InStyle will benefit from your posts. πŸ™‚


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