safari summer

before i begin my post, i want to thank everyone who commented on my last post and introduced their own pets, expressed their love for pets or wish to have pets. i have to tell you guys that cooper is a great love but he is not mine but rather my big sister’s…my own puppy might feel bad — his name is snickers and you can see him in this post. he’s not too silent…he barks to get my attention and when i do go near him, he wiggles and just jumps around me. such a baby! he barks at strangers too — just a trait that dachshunds have. his hair on his back even stands up with anger when he sees strangers in the house. but he is still sweet too and would always want to be near me. when i don’t give him attention (like when i’m in front of the computer and he’s sitting beside me), he’d bite my shirt and tug on it. he adores harry too and would get sooo excited when harry comes over.
anyway, i just came from two parties today — a last attempt for companies to catch up with summer. i went to a beach party of my old company at vistamar and then had cocktails and games with my new company at formo. for the day, i had on gladiator flats and for the night, i just added on over-sized clip-on earrings and changed from gladiator flats to cutout heels. (too bad i don’t have photos of the party at formo yet). here are some with old friends from my previous company:
a shout out to jhamie (the one in the yellow floral dress). she follows my blog and one of the few people who knows about this blog.hehe.
white sheer top – mom’s closet
khaki shorts – big sister’s closet
brown gladiators – leaveland
white bag – lil’ sister’s
gold bangles – gifts | thrifted at carbon | bangkok
ring – random
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. this is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours, especially since i'm loving those crisp beige shorts! 🙂 you look lovely and your friends are all so gorgeous!


  2. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog dear!

    I love love love love boho looks! and I am craving for more boho outfits. anyway, i like your sheer blouse so girly and dainty!:)


  3. You look so adorable! For some reason, Im very tempted to entitle this outfit SAFARICHIC. So I will do that.

    And girl, you are a PARTY ANIMAL.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. love love love this outfit! great combo of gladiators and neutrals. a perfect summer outfit! 🙂


  5. Hey Darling I haven’t talked to you in a while I’ve been missing you! sooooo much!

    I’ve misses your amazing cute chic yet simple outfits like this one!! the shades are fantastic they really are!! You look wonderful and beautiful♥!


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