upside down + loving sunday

this is what i usually wear on monday mornings — comfortable jeans, light, soft shirt and flats. for others, monday morning may be all dress-up day but my monday morning is still part of my day off. 
as you all may know (and for those who don’t), i work at night and have been for 4 years now. my daily traffic is not in the morning rush but right when everyone else is going home or on fridays, when everyone else is going out for weekend dinner. at work, we greet each other “good morning” when we enter the office, even when the moon is out and it is already dark out. our 1 hour break is still called “lunch” and right when i get home, my breakfast is usually my “dinner.” before i sleep, i say “good night” to my friends. i sleep in the afternoon or by lunch and wake up at 7:00 or 8:00 PM, depending on my schedule. how do i stay asleep even when the sun is out? i trick my body into thinking it’s night by placing dark curtains on my windows and having a dim lamp shade when i sleep. and if other people get freaked out when people call them in the middle of the night, i get freaked out when people call me in the afternoon.
luckily, for the past 3 years up until now, i have been able to get all weekends off. on saturday, i sleep at 2:00 PM and wake up at 9:00 PM. i spend the night doing stuff i love — watching DVDs, visiting blogs or hanging out with friends. i sleep past midnight and wake up sunday morning — just like any normal day. that’s why i love sundays. on sundays, i can join civilization. on sundays, i can have lunch with my family at “noon.” i can shop in the afternoon and have dinner at 7:00 PM (and not at 7:00 AM). i can watch movies and get massages. and when i say good night, it is really at night.
how about you? what is your week like? what is your favorite day of the week?

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  1. i love the detail on your top. this outfit looks super comfy 🙂

    but that's really interesting! i know someone else who works at night, so i know how it is. 🙂


  2. Adorable outfit. For some reason, it kind of reminds me of my sister's style ;).

    And I love Sundays. I think there's something really relaxing about them..


  3. Wow! You've got one crazy schedule,=)
    And points to you gurl coz you can manage it.=).

    My favorite day of the week is Sunday too..coz that's the only time I can relax. I have work from Monday to half of saturdays,urgh!


  4. you are in the same situation as my cousin, Gizelle. she'd be all cranky when our niece would wake her up in the afternoon haha 😀

    i love your outfit! the top is gorgeous and i waaaaaant your white Janeo heels in featured in your may 15 post!


  5. Yes – love the comfy threads. I totally live in my BF jeans. I had no idea you lived such a nocturnal life! Haha


  6. love the rolled up jeans !
    my fave day of the week used to be wednesday but now that i hv a class until 6pm..i guess my fave day wud b thursday now..hahaha


  7. Wow, I had no idea that you work at night! That seems like it would be really hard to adjust to! If I had my way, I would stay up until 1 in the morning and sleep until 10.


  8. goodness that must be tough! You seem to have it worked out quite well though, nice job!
    ( I get freaked out when..anyone calls me. ever. Phones make me jump)

    Sunnies are lovely!

    Have a nice day! night?



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