summer of one-oh! ocean series: daanbantayan heaven!

i’m back from our annual beach trip to the northern most part of the island and i am definitely tan…ooops, wait brown from all the fun! mind you, my sun block is literally squeezed to death..haha!  i just can’t get enough of the water — my mom even asked my dad to set up a tent on the water so we can frolic all day without getting sun burnt (to know more about that, stick around for a future post and photos). my cousins from my dad’s side came along so you can guess what happened — we took so many photos that it’s impossible to post everything in just one post. this beach trip will be done in 3 posts. part one begins now. 
the lady goofing off with me is my little sister, aimee. if she wasn’t too lazy, she can start her own fashion blog  because she is as crazy about fashion and personal style as me. i’m more spontaneous in style though, she on the other hand tends to plan her outfit and accessories in accordance to everything she’s wearing. i should have posted something about her on her birthday last march but we got into an argument days later and i intentionally forgot to post it. haha! sibling banters — that’s one thing my sister and i will always have. 
on to the outfit: if you take a non-airconditioned bus to anywhere in cebu, here are a few essentials — a comfortable shirt and shorts, a scarf to protect your hair from dust, sunblock, sunnies and some bangles (welp, i don’t have a significant explanation for that…haha!)
the food: lechon baboy (roasted pig), ngohiong (fried ubod spring rolls in batter) and puso (rice wrapped in banana leaves) and lots of cold water and coke!
on me: pink shirt – props | white polka shorts – divisoria | bikini top – props | yellow floral scarf – thrifted | bangles – all from props | sunnies – thrifted at carbon
on aimee: floral dress – props | yellow polka bikini top – props | green flip-flops – havaianas | bangles – all from props | pink sunnies – thrifted at manalili

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  1. Anita Putri says:

    both of you look so cute 🙂


  2. julianne. says:

    i love all of the bright colors your wear.


  3. Your sister is adorable! I love her style 😀


  4. aw! you and your sister are simply adorable and she looks JUST like you. perhaps you can feature her on your blog since she won't create one of her one 🙂



  5. J-me Pikman says:

    Seems u had fun…

    By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just started a new contest called Mama's day out!


  6. Toni says:

    DAGAT again! *suya mode* again. 😀
    the last time i was on a non-airconditioned bus i forgot to bring a scarf so when I arrived at my destination, super mahangin ba sa labas ang effect HAHA!

    your sister's dress is cute! 🙂


  7. Jess says:

    That honestly looks like paradise I'm not gonna lie 😛 loving the head wrap on you!


  8. Sher says:

    Oh, both of you really look so alike! Cute!! And I adore the headscarf you're wearing:)



  9. Melai Entuna says:

    love your sister's dress.

    You two really look like sisters!
    Hangkyut niyong dalwa 🙂


  10. Jen says:

    This just looks and sounds like utter paradise. Oh, the food! Yum, yum, yum. 🙂


  11. pensandlens says:

    sexy and fashionable sisters!!!!

    I really thought your sister was YOU!!!

    she needs to start her own blog NOW!!!! take care always love!!!



  12. You guys look so so cute!


  13. Martwa Marta says:

    fantastic post! ahh, as if you were in paradise! i wish i could swim in such a warm and crystal clear water!


  14. Jen says:

    you and your sister are adorable (and you guys kind of look alike as well!). loving how you wrapped that scarf around your head.

    as for the header links, i'd love to show you how! (mine need a little adjusting right now if you haven't noticed…haha) there's actually a tutorial online that i use ( or there is a site that'll let you make on directly on it ( – i've never tried the second site out but it looks like it's pretty useful. 🙂 let me know how it goes! hope this helped.


  15. UnoCosa says:

    you guys are soo adorable! xx


  16. Sarah says:

    Hi from Scotland! Just found your blog – it's great! Love seeing the pics of you with your family. It looks an amazing place. So jealous of your sunshine – it's still pretty cold here in Glasgow – brrrrrrrr!


  17. thx for your lovely comment!

    that's a very nice beach!
    what's the name?


  18. Phuong says:

    very cute pictures!


  19. Dane says:

    You and your sister are adorable.. she is also a sylish one, the dress is super cute!


  20. Great pictures, love your shorts! 🙂


  21. projectvee says:

    how adorable are you and your sister?! you two look similar 🙂 hehe, love the fun colours here


  22. Cute pics!!!


  23. Blicious says:

    gorgeous pics!!! i want to be there. haha



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