opposites attract

this photo was taken last week when i was waiting for the emission testing and annual registration of my car. i wasn’t in the mood to dress up for work so i basically jumped out of bed, took a quick shower, hid my hair in a headband, wore my favorite shirt and black leggings. i think my blue bag saved the outfit (it’s a christmas gift from harry in 2009 — which i pre-chose by the way as he is so clueless about shopping! LOL) 
before harry, i’ve been single for 5 years — dating but no commitments. i’ve had my heart broken a couple of times because a guy couldn’t commit to me — intimidated by me, the way i think and my strong personality. i tend to be irrational, sarcastic, be tomboy, a perfectionist, spontanoues, moody, aggressive,  and…smarter?haha! let’s just say i laughed at picked up lines to guys’ faces sometimes intentionally. and welp, i don’t dress as simple as other typical girls too. i got frustrated with going home alone everyday that i asked our manager who was a good friend if there is something wrong with me. he told me, “well, maybe you need someone stronger than you. who can control you.”
oh, he was so wrong! i didn’t need someone who can control me, i needed someone who would complement me. i got the guy of my dreams and more. harry and i are total opposites in pretty weird (and funny) ways. 
i drive = he cooks the dinner. 
i love sports and was an athlete = he was an orator and a student body president. 
i love technology = he loves history. 
i love punk rock, brit rock, indie and new wave music = he loves oldies and standards.
i am health conscious = he doesn’t even love wheat bread (LOL)
i love change and spontaneity = he likes to be safely where he is now
i love the beach = he loves the mountains
i tend to freak out easily = he stays calm
i like dogs = he likes cats
but you see, even with our opposite loves and personalities, we mesh well because we respect and support each other. and i have never been happier.
grey tee – thrifted
black leggings – ???
denim jacket – lil sister’s
zebra-print headband – props
grey suede flats with metallic detail – so fab (a gift from big sis!)
blue faux leather bag – maldita (a gift from harry!)
necklaces: dog tag – custom-made | gun-metal reindeer – gift shop
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. You're lucky that you complement each other… yin and yang. There is balance in the relationship.

    I love the bag and I like the way you styled yourself with that headband and the laid-back look.

    Have a great day Gizelle! xoxo


  2. im glad you and your boyf are going so well, love. you and harry seem so cute together. grabe.

    love the 90s denim jacket on you:)



  3. Aww. This post is so sweet. I've never really been into love stories, but I'm totally in love with YOUR story. (Haha, as ridiculously cheesy as that sounds!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. haha! you remind me of my highly opinionated childhood friend, Gizelle when you wrote:
    I laughed at picked up lines to guys' faces sometimes intentionally.
    HAHA! such a classic! 🙂
    she still has to find someone like your Harry.. you two are the cutest.

    i love your denim jacket!

    btw, i already posted something on my blog re for the love of accessories 🙂


  5. love that bag 🙂 nice and bright.
    and opposites do attract! haha its nice though, to be different – you complement each other !


  6. opposites attract.. *wink* while i was reading your blog pai mao jd ako gi ingon nmo before na ma inttimidate ang guy nmo tungod sa imong strong personality. hehe glad to know u finally found the right one..hehe


  7. Aww, I love reading your love story and how you met your dream guy! You two sound like you were made for each other!!

    Love the humongously huge bag too:P



  8. Wow! I love love this post!! I two have problems with guys
    But I think it’s my problem am the scared of a serious relationship why? I don’t know I like to be alone a lot I enjoy going out with my friends I really do, they are the best and I love my family!!
    When a guy starts getting serious I just think to myself no am not steady girlfriend material. And I have had my heart broken many times!!!!! so I think am a bit traumatized I keep thinking this guy is just messing with my head and he will forget about me in three months hahahah!
    Am still working on this but am not in a rush, I will loose fear soon! Ahahahah
    Take care darling loved the post♥♥


  9. Happy Weekend Gizelle!

    You always wear casual so CUTE! Usually when I wear cas it's just ca….but I like! i think we're almost close to twin, except I'm not at all a peferctionist :)But I'm encouraged off of your love story…..I still rmember the kind words you gave me on Valentine's Day :)…..one day soon, I hope to be joining the LOVE TRAIN. I too have had my heartbroken off of some stuff likewise……

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a groovy weekend 🙂


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