trademark polka

this is what i wore for valentine’s day. i know, i know, it’s a very late post but it’s perfect because pipi of black hair do did this illustration of me and my ‘trademark’ polka! thank you so much! i love it!
 anyway, i’ve only got 30 minutes to spend on blogging today as i have to pack for yet another weekend at the beach! this time, i’d be with my co-workers whom i don’t know very well — but am obliged to go because if i don’t come, i’d have to work on a saturday! waaaahhhh! i’d rather spend it on the beach than be in my cubicle. i’ve got my escape plans covered anyway. what do i mean by ‘escape plans?’ welp, i usually have this tendency to take myself apart from the crowd by plugging in my headphones, immersing myself in my music and just staring at the sea (or at the crowd or in space…LOL). you could say, i sometimes love my own world and am perfectly fine with being in it even in the middle of a crowd. 
ps. i will make sure to check out all your blogs and comment back when i get back on monday! for now, happy weekend everyone!

blue polka dress with lace details – thrifted
maryjane oxfords – so fab (gift from big sis!)
thin gold belt – props
white ring – a purchase from a friend at P70
bangles: wooden – manalili | gold ones – from india
sunnies – thrifted at manalili

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  1. i love your dress, it's so feminine perfect for heart's day. Have a great day at the beach!

    p.s you're welcome to exchange blog links. i've already put up yours on my blog. cheers!


  2. How great is the first picture? You look divine! Also loving the shoes… Wishing you a relaxing weekend (at the beach… envy!)


  3. Oh I understand the feeling of wanting to flee away from
    Our dreadful cubicle hahaha!
    Well darling a sunny day at the beach sounds
    Amazing I hope you enjoy
    And have a brilliant time with co-workers!
    I love your ring I really do I naturally feel naked without
    A ring in my hand so I absolutely love your ring!!
    The color is also magnificent!
    And can I just say I love your red lips! You look amazing
    I think you could definitely pull-off
    A plum color
    Well Doll take care and have fun
    Talk to you Monday
    Love Dye♥


  4. I want to pinch your cheeks you are so cute!! I love this outfit, those shoes are killer, just perfect!! You always knock it out of the ballpark, not just with the outfits, but the overall style and personalities of your posts!


  5. Hi Gizellle!

    Polka dots are so fun!

    You're still so okay about tuning out on “forced fun” outings. I would just do the infamous French Leave!


  6. can i just say how stunning and gorgeous and lovely you are in this dress?? i love the polka-dots with the lace. 🙂
    i'm so jealous of your SECOND weekend at the beach. take me with youuuuu!


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