merry christmas!


merry christmas everyone!
it was a very different christmas for me this year. not only is it my 2nd time spending christmas eve at work but harry went home to bohol so i had to technically spend it alone. i’ve only been in my new company for 5 months so i haven’t made really good friends. all smiles, laughs and greetings were there..but not so much the comfort i have with real friends. (makes me miss my barkada and the dark angels)…
polka dress – thrifted
grey cardigan – anna sui (thrifted!)
strappy black heels – so fab!
long chained watch (peacock) – elegant tang dynasty
angel wing long necklace – sm dept store
rings – props
pearls necklaces used as bracelets – mom’s
puppy – snickers!


  1. yay! more cebuana bloggers!

    i love those rings, dear! and i added your blog to my blogroll. 🙂

    merry xmas!

    alexa ♥


  2. Pay manna here! Love reading style blogs and stumbling upon one where i know the author is just awesome. keep it up! (BTW diri ko ni comment kay nagsige kog basa sa imo mga previous posts and seeing Dark Angels in this post made we want to go and comment nagyud. hehe)


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