the pirate eye

 i was supposed to go out saturday night to have dinner with karen but my right eye got swollen that it’s pathetic to even go out with it. i don’t know what caused it. so i stayed in — again! i’m supposed to have regained my social life..haha! my little sister, who was my partner in crime years ago, says i’ve lost my place in the social scene because i always stay in. i guess it comes with age and the “been there, done that” state of mind. i just can’t find drinking and loud music blasting appealing anymore. i’d rather have long massages, peaceful dinners, movies and the occasional road trips.
this is what i wore when we hit the mall yesterday to shop for the gifts i needed to buy. we checked out celine so we can buy the sequined flats i was talking about in the previous post but they no longer had my size… uggghhh! they were supposed to be my mom’s christmas gift for me. i just chose these suede wedge round toe pumps with rhinestone accents. i love it! anyway, it was so funny when i was trying out the shoe because the sales lady looked at my tights and said, “Are you a ballerina?”
i said, “No.”
sales lady: “Oh…but did you come from dance practice?”
i said, “No”
sales lady: “Ahhh… just a trip then.”
striped top with lace detail – thrifted
white shorts – props, sm planet exchange
polka tights – kate torralba, sm dept store
black bow-tie flats – leaveland
long chained necklace – elegant tang dynasty
thin gold belt – props, sm planet exchange
beaded bangle – props, custom made
black bag – mongkok ladies market, hk
glasses – thrifted


  1. Love the striped top and how you belted it! You look adorable!


  2. Gizelle says:

    thanks tieka! 😀


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