stumped and in need of your help ♥

the greatest thing is about to happen. in less than 5 days, harry and i will be celebrating 36 months together. it’s cheesy but i can’t help but be giddy about it. ♥ this is the longest time i have ever kept a relationship with somebody. not that i hoped to have had longer ones in the past because if not for everything i went through, i never would have met harry. i am excited because after 36 months, it still feels like we’ve been dating for only several weeks. yes, we’ve gone past the honeymoon stage but despite that, after 36 months we still have a lot to talk about, a lot to smile about and definitely a lot to love about each other.
now, we do have something planned for the weekend after the happy date but i still want to do something special for him on the day. i am really stumped, however and that’s where you guys come in. tell me something romantic to do for harry on our 36 months. ♥ you never know, if i like a suggestion, i might just give you something in return. *wink*
suede cutout smock dress – borrowed from aimee
black cardigan – thrifted
black tights – metro dept store
black cuban heels – gifted from harry ♥
brass cuff – carbon find
necklaces: diamond pattern – gifted from ivy | elephant tusk – bangkok
oval semi-armor ring & alligator ring – carbon finds
oversized black ring – gifted from sweet

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  1. Sweet says:

    well I am not so sure about that Gizelle…hahahaha because I always do the craziest thing for King…I mean being together for 9 years is hard bwhaahahah!!!

    but crazy yet sweet things I did for him was post 100 things that I love about him, oh well I did wrote it on a big card.

    -another idea is writing him sweet notes for the days you were together or months so that it won't be hard for you to think of hundreds of love notes hahahah!!!

    -well I did prepare a little party for him and baked him a cake…oh I also asked his friends to give the little notes to him…..randomly they gave the notes to him while he was in class or in the canteen…it was weird since we were still in college that time hahahah!!!! You can even ask some of your friends to give it to him…

    -I also let my friends text him nonstop during one of our anniversaries and his birthday…he received random text messages saying my message for him…I asked all my friends to forward it to his number and the list goes on and on….

    Hope that helps….I know I can really get crazy when it comes to LOVE…



  2. aww congrats on the 36 months!!! it's really a big deal!!♥ what about a super date ala how i met your mother but instead of cheesy stuff girls like, do guy things together like eat a bucket of kfc (or whatever he likes) + sports haha whatever you choose i'm sure you guys are gonna have loads of fun on your special day 🙂



  3. Jen HaHA says:

    I love everything about this outfit! The dress is so girly gorgeous. The shoes are amazing. You and your brass knuckles. Just kidding 😀

    I'm an old married fart who just hopes not to fall asleep during a movie. Can't think of suggestions quite yet.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! I love everything!!!

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like??



  5. FASHION ICE says:

    love the rings and those fab shoes! congrats on the 36 about something that you both enjoy doing or one of his favorite things!


  6. I love evrything 🙂 your outfit is totally gorgeous.


  7. Len David says:

    Sana hindi ito mabasa ni Manong Harry! hehe!

    Everything that is food-related and something YOU made will make a guy break in awwwwwwwww 🙂 Maybe you can cook something up for Harry? Bake him something? A la breakfast in bed. Oh man, guys love that, believe me!


    Shocks, kinikilig talaga ako sa inyong dalawa 🙂


  8. Merowyn says:

    Nawwwwwwwwwwww happy 36 months!!! I don't know what to suggest 🙂 I do crazy little things for H all the time… but they are just random spontaneous things!!! I'll try to think of something!!!


  9. ShopGirlXOXO says:

    Congrats on your 36 month anniversary and even more congrats that you two still feel brand new together. :)) thats the best part.
    HOpe you guys do something really special to celebrate.


  10. cherie says:

    awww 36 months is just awesome.. congratulations!

    i once gave a boyf an ipod shuffle, full of songs in his language, so he could listen to it while travelling. I also placed a separate playlist for the songs I feel the most for him, as If i was the one singing it to him 🙂


  11. AVA T.♥ says:

    Hmm..We usually just do simple things on our anniversaries haha =p But I usually make my bf a handmade card, or buy him something he's been really wanting or maybe just get him donuts from cello's with I LOVE YOU on it haha cheesy 🙂


  12. Aw! 🙂 Congrats! 3 yrs is amazing! 🙂 I've been with my love for 4 yrs and it's like we just started dating sometimes!! :p

    I would suggest you do everything above that the lovely ladies suggested, like a big card and reasons why you love him. You should also get food from his favorite eatery (preferably breakfast!) and surprise him w/it 🙂 Men love their food right?! 🙂


  13. aiz kim says:

    this one sounds exciting! Am a huge anniv planner and i create all different schemes every time…it's so sweet that you want to prepare something special for him. I love making reservations for a romantic dinner, the whole steak-wine-thingie plus chocolate/cheese fondue for dessert. I particularly like hotels because they have the nicest resto with acoustic band (it only comes once a year so i thought why be stingy? if you come to Baguio try the Manor Hotel). Then when dinner's over, we head back to the room which i have reserved days before. Inside awaits bottles of champagne and special board games i myself created (for a little bit of naughtiness). Then lastly i hand him the anniversary card cum scrapbook with some cute photos, movie tickets and such plus a customized coupons secretly tucked in(printed out on red, sweet scented paper) he could use for the rest of the night*blush *blush!


  14. Ann says:

    i can relate with Sweet. After 6 yrs (we'll be 7 this April) mauubusan k n tlg ng idea,since we celebrate monthly—my suggestion though, is to drive someplace n may scenic view (beach,etc.) n d maxado crowded, pref private,, bring food, and just spend time together, ^^


  15. Marta says:

    i'm in love with your shoes!


  16. I love your outfit! That dress is so pretty! Romantic hmmm? I am the worst at this stuff, my friend once made a video for his girlfriend on her birthday. He interviewed all her friends and family. They all spoke of how they loved her, he was on the video as well. They had a little birthday party to premier the video, she was surprised and we were all in tears it was so cute!


  17. Be says:

    I love that alligator ring and those boots (especially those boots), they look awesome with your outfit.

    I'm not too good with romantic advice since I've never been in a serious relationship. Shall I suggest something like a memory of when you first met? Sorry, I'm not too good with these things.


  18. Hazel☺ says:

    oh wow! 36 months!!! that's no joke! 🙂 Hmmm why not make him homemade anything? homemade cake, or homemade lunch/dinner.. i'm sure he'd appreciate it since it's from labor of love 😉

    <3 hazel


  19. Abbie♥ says:

    Great outift, as always! ♥
    Awww, 36 months! 😀 I agree with the others: homemade food would be the best. You may also add 36 little trinkets (or random objects) that has significance in your relationship. 😀


  20. Meream says:

    Hmmm something crafty? A homemade notebook with 36 things you love about him?

    But food works, too. 😀


  21. maggeygrace says:

    36 IS exciting! 3 years?? Babbbayyy, that's amazing. I'm so happy for you! I would be freaking out and jumping up and down and annoyingly giddy. Congrats! I'm excited for you 🙂


  22. michelle_ says:

    loving that elephant tusk ! and i love your ann demeulesteer inspired shoes !!
    they make a simple outfit really popping !


  23. thats such a cool heels and rings 🙂


  24. eden says:

    Celebrate just the two of you, take time together, reminisce good things in past. Ang ako kalog nga nabuhat before with my husband right now, is to make a little game, suwat ko paper and then write events or date,ex: July 1, 2005, ako ipa tag-an nya kung unsai special ana nga date unsai nahitabo nato ana, mga 10 to kabuok ako suwat sa paper then ako gilukot then ako siya gipabunot..hehhee…murag bata sa pero lingaw, nag cge lang mig pangatawa adto, that was 5 years ago..anyway i wish nga kamo na jud mag ka tuloyan pero take your time.Then if you're sure already go ahead…congrats to read you blog always, i dont know how to make mine..heheh..boring ayo ko mga blogg.. take care


  25. Mayet says:

    hi, I hope you had fun on your anniversary.


  26. love your big ring…my finger so small so not suitable to wear big ring like that


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