photo possibilities + body clock change

i meant to do a post last night but i had to watch and take care of Harry at the hospital — he got admitted for a bacterial infection and has had a fever on and off. he’s doing a bit well now, if you should ask. he still has a slight fever but he’s no longer having chills.
the photos here were taken at one part of the office area. the place is teeming with possibilities and i can’t wait to shoot in all areas possible. the office is located in an advent center which looks like a really big house and our room is on the first door. aside from the interesting areas to shoot outside, the building has a terrace with talisay trees in the background and white wooden panels on the walls. on the way up to the second floor is a wooden staircase, some antique stuff like old radios, typewriter and antique sofas. the the center is on a compound which also has an italian restaurant — haven’t eaten there thought as they say it’s quite expensive. good thing the aroma of the italian food doesn’t reach the office because one thing i have discovered on a ‘day’ job is that it definitely has heightened up my appetite. if you’ve notice, i’ve gained weight in these photos. 
i think i’ve gained about 5 lbs. i just can’t stop eating! i think i get hungry every 3-4 hours which is not good for me because i easily gain weight. although i am not on a strict diet as i eat whatever i want like sinful desserts and all the meat i can eat, i try though to choose food items that are healthier like brown rice, whole wheat bread, lean meat or char-grilled all-meat burgers instead of the ones found in fast food chains with meat extenders in the form of eggplants that easily absorb oil. shifting to a day job has certainly shifted my hormones and body clock too and so far, i am still adjusting. hope this adjustment transitions faster because i might no longer fit into my clothes! (or the denim levi’s high-waist cut-offs i thrifted last month which i have yet to wear! buhu…)
okay, so the following photos below are a result of a gay friend who has worked for Drawingboard for more than a year but was only encouraged to be gayer because i started working their too. we decided to wear heels this day and maybe on all other days in the office. you might find his face to be familiar to you — meet Armand Alforque in black booties:
striped oversized cardigan – thrifted
white tank top – thrifted
grey skinny jeans – thrifted
black peep-toe booties – celine (gifted from harry)
pink suede belt – big sister’s closet
robot necklace – downtown find
rings: black rectangle stone + white round stone – props
work watch – swatch

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  1. Aww, you are cute as always! 🙂 I love your carefree style and attitude. I am so happy for you that you have found a creative outlet! Yay for new ventures! I don't remember that it was too long ago when you resigned your other job and now you are back to being a working gal :p Such a workaholic! haha I'm jk! The area to take pics is very cool! 😀 Looking forward to fashion posts!

    And your coworker is hilarious! I see ppl in San Fran walking with heels on a day to day basis! But seeing it in pics is interesting! 🙂


  2. Aww Armand is so fab with those boots on…

    You look great Gizelle, it takes time but I guess you are actually loving your job right now…that is the most important thing.

    I can't wait for you vacation. and hope to hang with you guys! i am really looking forward to it!!!

    Take care love


  3. I absolutely love that little robot necklace! Very cute. I hope Harry is feeling better.

    And he can pull off the heels. I once knew this gay guy who was really old and fat and wore heels… didn't exactly work on him, hehe.


  4. you look so super chic and not like you've gained weight at all! its not noticeable, I swear!

    and WOW to your gay friend in heels! 🙂 He wears it so much better than a lot of girls..hehe


  5. Love that robot necklace, it is so cute. And I can totally relate with the being hungry all the time. I am pretty sure something is wrong with me but in my case it's any sugary food-cupcakes, pastries, scones- all that good stuff. And the scale keeps going up…


  6. I have just realized that my life is seriously boring because I don't have gay friends who dress up as chic as yours do. Tsktsk.


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