make it your own

this may sound cheesy quoting something from a video-game-turned-movie but it is true: “we make our own destiny…” that doesn’t mean that i don’t believe that God has a higher plan for us or that everything happens for a reason because i do. it’s just that the choices we make and the risks we take mold our lives. we cannot just sit on our asses and think that we are victims of our own lives. we have to work hard at making our lives better and only when we fail do we accept that everything happens for a reason. sometimes, failing once should not be something that should discourage us and stop us from trying. if we fail once, it just means that we should do things differently and try again. it is when we fail that we learn of our faults and learn to pick ourselves up. 
i am not invincible. no one is (unless superman does exist) but life is too short to be in fear all the time. life is too short to wait for something good to happen to our lives. i say, let’s make it our own — destiny, that is. take risks. fall in love. follow your heart.
ps. meet my ‘beanie’ puppy — louie. he was given by my former manager for christmas and he has been with me through a lot of stressful times and yes, risks.
pale pink polka dress – lil’ sister’s
white bag – lil’ sister’s
white studded sandals – so fab! (a gift from aimee)
dog tag necklace – custom-made
imprinted round necklace – a gift from gelie
bangles – all from props (now in maze, ayala!)

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  1. Kara says:

    aww you look so gorgeous in this dress!
    i totally feel exactly the same as you. I think some things in our life are kind of fate but it is the decisions along the way that determines what we create for ourselves. if that makes sense! haha


  2. I love your bracelets!


  3. Melai says:

    You are so right Gizelle 🙂 Even if God has his plan for us, it's also our job to make it happen. We can't just wait because God helps those who help themselves.

    Go and make those choices. Live life without rules. Live life with the lessons we acquire along the way. 🙂

    We're in the same place right now Gizelle and I'm still making it happen for myself. I'm still finishing thesis. hahaha. Mwah!


  4. Lex says:

    Great Look! I love the dog tags, i got my boyfriend some made a couple of years ago and now i think i am going to have to try steal them


  5. Jen says:

    we really do mold our own destinies to some extent. we have hundreds of choices and take thousands of risks…each and every day. 🙂

    and by the way, that dress is stunning! i adore the crochet and the subtle polka-dots!


  6. dotie says:

    I do think life is a combination of both..but I feel what's most important is that everyone should take control of their life and not be too quick to surrender to fate.
    just my two cents 🙂

    adore you semi crochet dress <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour


  7. vdcouture says:

    the dress is awesome!!!


  8. Toni says:

    Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it -a text from a perpetual once read and its now stuck in my head. i, too, am making things happen for myself. hopefully things will turn out for the better for all of us experiencing the same thing 🙂

    love your dress, Gizelle!
    now i want a dog tag necklace like yours!


  9. cherie says:

    love the crochet details of your`dress.. and the pink color makes it more delicate


  10. Kookie B. says:

    i loooove the crochet details of your dress! im a sucker for crochet!!!


  11. Regan says:

    GORGEOUS photos……I love love love your dress!!! xoxo 🙂


  12. Beth says:

    That dress is too cute!

    I totally agree with what you said. Take risks!


  13. Martwa Marta says:

    the dress is awesome! you look so feminine and fresh!


  14. projectvee says:

    love love love this dress on you.

    are you following your heart? 🙂


  15. Your dress is lovely!


  16. gillian says:

    i love your dress gizelle! how's job hunting? 🙂 hope you find the job for you 🙂


  17. I agree with you, and I think that is a little of what free will is about — we are placed in times and places and given talents and belongings and we are the ones that decide what to do with them.

    It is too short to be afraid. Beanie puppy is cute!


  18. Lovely dress! Love this post…


  19. Elien says:

    Pretty dress, you look very nice!
    x, E


  20. projectvee says:

    ps. i linked you in my favourite reads! 🙂


  21. julianne. says:

    the details on this dress are TO DIE FOR.
    love it on youuu.<33


  22. pensandlens says:

    gorgeous dress and the tags were so cute…

    you are so true when it comes to following what your heart wants…just be positive and enjoy what we have right now….

    take care love


  23. lolypopshop says:

    wow love ur dress… ur look pretty ^^


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