smile despite the pain

harry and i went to visit the dentist today — my dad!hehe. harry was nervous as hell, letting my dad take a look at his teeth but he had no choice as he had to have his wisdom tooth checked. it was killing him and he couldn’t pronounce well all week — which was affecting his work as he has client calls everyday. i won’t describe what my dad did to his tooth but what i can tell is that he can now pronounce the letter ‘s’…hehe. i also had my teeth cleaned — after 25 years! ironic huh? my dad’s a dentist yet we hardly visit his clinic…haha! so, what better reward than to have ice cream right after the visit…yes, the cold ice cream does relieve the mouth but the extra toppings give more cavity…LOL.
ps. i love the details of this top. it’s linen, plaid and has pleats and pockets on the front. grabbed it and never let go of it while thrifting 2 weeks ago.
plaid top – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
black peep-toe booties – celine (gift from harry!)
owl chained watch – thrifted at manalili
black bag – lil’ sister’s
aviator shades – lil’ sister’s
rings: animal print and clustered cubes – props

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  1. Love the aviators and bag. adore that you borrowed them from yo sis. what else are sisters for? of course, I'm an only child, but I do steal all my nana's vintage dresses. and now I'm rambling.


  2. great outfit, Gizelle! i love the top and your peep-toe booties!

    im scared of dentists!
    and i rarely go to our family dentist for fear that she might tell on me.. nicotine alert!! shhh.. haha! 😀


  3. Ice cream straight after the dentist – I like your style!

    I cannot get enough of that adorable owl pendant. HOW SWEET!!


  4. Gizelle, you are so funny…it took you 25years to get the services of your dad. And what's with the ice cream, you just had your teeth cleaned. Hahaha!

    I love your top and the necklace is so fab. xoxo


  5. That comfy outfit with that yummy sundae– perfection.

    How is it there in Cebu? I've friends there.



  6. Hiya!
    Love these pictures, they're super cool 🙂 You always have the most perfect outfits..
    Panda xx
    Thank yew for my lovely lovely comment! It made me smile!


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